ERAM-Generator Monitoring

Problem: -------------- Indian Air Force have RADAR stations located across the country for security and surveillance. Diesel generators are used as a backup power supply for those RADAR stations. So, it is required that the generator must be in ready state during any emergency or power failure. As all generators are located at remote location, maintenance and servicing become an issue for base station Repair Depots. It requires a lot of time and cost to address the fault and servicing at remote location. Solution: -------------- With the combined support of IAF, we design the complete solution for Diesel generator monitoring and alerting system. "ERAM - Event Reporting And Monitoring" is a device design for monitoring Genset's parameters and sending these data to the Central-Server via Ethernet. It will also notify user by sending SMS and CALL alert. Maximum 4 generators can be monitored with this device at a time. Special Web-Portal is developed along with all security certifications for military application. This portal is designed with three level hierarchy BRD , Admin and User login. With the use of different analytical tools provided, it is easy to analyse generator performance and characteristics. Maintenance management tool helps for timely generator-maintenance which reduces downtime and parts failure cost. Fuel report generation and monitoring tool used for Fuel-Efficiency purpose which reduces run time cost. Benefits: -------------- - Centrally monitoring of All DG sets - Schedule maintenance program and automatic report generation - Instant SMS notification to user for any fault event or equipment failure - No need to go at remote location for minor issues that can be solved by watching online parameters and previous data analysis - Part failure can be reduced by preventing maintenance of generator - Reduce maintenance cost and downtime - Reduce running cost by efficient fuel-usage and live DG performance