TLSS - Transmission Line Smart Switch

Problem: -------------- Switches play a main role in the power distribution network during restoring power supply, maintenance activity etc. Existing Air Break switches have no facility for remote operation and communication. For the safety of line staff, earthing facility in equipment plays key role, but, existing switches have not that kind of facility available. The line staff of a utility has to patrol the line by line to locate the fault in case of a sustained fault. The staff on action randomly operate switches- 'to push the power ahead' fashion- and identify the fault location. It is one kind of a trial and error method. During this process, the time taken to locate and clear the fault is quite high. This leads to financial loss to the utility, in addition to dissatisfaction among the customers. The staff ignores to take safety precautions and don't care to earth the isolated dead line before working on it; as it requires a clumsy mechanism to earth all the three conductors, separately. This is one of the reasons for the rise in the numbers of accidents. The loss or damage to the life is irreparable, in case of a Fatal/non-fatal accident. Solution: -------------- Collaborating with Transmission Line Switch Manufacturing company, TVADARTHAM provides the smart switch solution - TLSS. It is a device used to control the switch operation (ON/OFF) remotely and monitor its parameters online. The line staff can operate the switch using android mobile application with secure login. This operation performed remotely and safely which reduces travelling cost and eliminates the on site accidents. OTOH, Web-portal is developed to monitor all parameters and health of switch. User can analyze running and previous data to reduce fault rate. Maintenance of all equipment used in switch is also possible with monitoring system which makes switch in a healthy state. Hence, it is ready to use when needed. Benefits: -------------- - Minimise the fault restoration time - Improve the power supply reliability - Increase in ease and safety of the operation - Increase the customers satisfaction - Easily identify the fault area location - A cost Effective Solution - Identify the areas requiring maintenance precisely. - The electrical accidents to utility staff shall get eliminated almost - Increase in the confidence of the utility working staff