Notebook Industry Monitoring

Problem ------------- Snehraj Industries is a note-book manufacturing company having a manufacturing unit producing different notebooks from paper roll. They have ERP which has entry for raw material and final product stock. Though, they have no data for amount of wastage of raw material doing production of orders in quantity. With a lack of data and no waste calculation, production cost was not calculated precisely. This number will reflect in annual turnover sheet which results into extra cost for industry and decreases profit margin. The industry is running 24x7, so handling man-power and uniform production is a difficult task. The production will vary for different working hours and the production line is not used efficiently. There is no control on production line due to lack of data. This will downgrades production output with result to less turnover. Solution ------------- They require the data for waste material and machine efficiency. We analyzed the production unit and machine and installed three sensors to measure the paper wastage at different stages. One is paper counter which counts the paper cut from paper roll, second is bunch counter and third is the final count. Machine RPM is taken from rpm sensor for speed and efficiency measurement. User interface is provided at machine end with HMI where operator can enter job work details to start the job. This entire setup is connected to their existing ERP system via Ethernet Gateway. Now all machine details (paper cut, bunch count, paper used, machine efficiency and final production) can be monitored with ERP from anywhere. This gives total control over production and live machine monitoring from anywhere. Wastage calculation is taken into account and by monitoring, it reduced to a certain level. Manual entry for job card and job completion is removed as it's made automated which makes clarity in stock. Benefits -------------- Online monitoring of production unit Reduce paper wastage Efficient use of machine with efficiency measurement Production and stock management become easy