Canal Water Distribution System

Problem ------------- Gujarat Government provides irrigation water to village via canal network. Every village's gram panchayat distributes that water to every farmer of village. Gram panchayat has solar pump system through which they distribute irrigation water to farmers and farmers have to pay a minimum amount of money for water. Panchayat has to manage this distribution system manually and it collects money for the same. They have to submit a monthly report to taluka panchayat for water usage.There are many problems in handling this system manually. They have to define farmer's turn, hour of water supply and payment handling. Farmers have to come to pump station which is far away from their farm to turn the PUMP ON/OFF. This way system become tedious and created many confusion among farmers for their turn. The cost calculation and money collection also became complexity. Some tasks for panchayat.Government have no accurate data for irrigation water distribution. Solution ------------- Tvadartham provides online monitoring and controlling solution of pump. In that project, we provide portal to taluka panchayat for farmer registration and monitoring water distribution. Farmers have to register their name, mobile number and pump details on that portal and recharge on that portal with amount of money they want to use for water. They will get SMS on registered mobile number for prepaid money and time. Now in case of irrigation water requirement by farmer, he will call the pump station with registered mobile number and pump will start automatically without going at pump station. He will get the SMS of how many hours he used the water and prepaid balance is deducted automatically. All these water distribution data are stored on server and report is generated automatically for water distribution. So, government have record for irrigation water supplied area wise.This system reduces task for panchayat also. Benefits ------------- Time and cost saving for farmers Direct water distribution report generated area wise useful for government Easy to use system increases an efficiency for water distribution system No need to go to the pump station for ON/OFF the pump